Looking for your former Hatcher contact?

Steve Sprinkel- steve@sprinkelmedia.com

Chuck Stancil -

Steve Kramer - skramer@almadenpress.com - 408-330-8023

Richard Wimbury -

Ron Lazzarotti - ronmail@suburbanpress.com

Sonia Rodriguez - sonia@moquindigital.com

Marcie Walter - marcie@bobkatinc.com


Looking for downloads of your previous Hatcher jobs?

If you are looking for downloads of a previously run Hatcher job please contact Eric Westlund at hatcherdownloads@corbomite.com.

Pricing for downloads:
$125* which includes the first 5 jobs per request
Additional jobs in the same request are $20* each.
Shipping costs will be added to the total unless you supply your UPS or FedEx account number.
If jobs span multiple DVDs in the archive they will be treated as multiple jobs.

File transport:
Depending on the final size of the jobs they will be sent via a file transfer service. If the files are too large and can't be easily split and sent electronically the files will be burned to DVDs or copied to your supplied USB or Firewire hard drive and mailed or shipped to you.

Average turnaround is 2-3 business days, depending on the number and size of the jobs requested.

Please provide the following information:
Original Hatcher job/invoice numbers (If a job was re-run multiple times please supply the job number for the first run of the job.)
job descriptions

Contact information
Company name
shipping/mailing address


*Download prices effective 1/26/2012